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Illinois Association for Pupil Transportation // Constitution and By-Laws



The name of this not-for-profit association shall be the Illinois Association for Pupil Transportation.


SECTION 1. This association shall encourage and promote the safe and efficient operation of pupil transportation in the State of Illinois.
SECTION 2. This association shall provide a media for the dissemination of information relating to pupil transportation in Illinois.
SECTION 3. This association shall assist and cooperate with the Secretary of State, the State Board of Education and the Department of Transportation. It will also work with the General Assembly regarding new pupil transportation legislation.



SECTION 1. The State shall, for the purpose of representation and administration, be divided into three regions.
SECTION 2. These regions will be designated by the Board of Directors and may be altered to maintain equal and fair representation of the entire membership.
SECTION 3. Redistricting will take a majority vote of the members present at the annual meeting.


SECTION 1. The members of this association shall be individuals who are currently employed by a local, county, or state educational agency in a capacity that relates to pupil transportation.
SECTION 2. For the purpose of this document the term "local" shall be used to identify any individual employed by public or private school districts.

Officers and Their Duties

SECTION 1. The officers of the Illinois Association for Pupil Transportation shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Immediate Past President, Secretary and Treasurer. Their duties shall be those usually devolved upon such officers. They shall be elected to a term of two years.
SECTION 2. The officers shall be elected by Australian ballot by the registered members present at the annual meeting. The President and Vice-President may not be elected to the same office for more than three (3) consecutive terms. The Secretary and Treasurer have no limit on the number of terms served.
SECTION 3. The President and Vice-President shall be elected in years ending in odd numbers. The Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected in years ending in even numbers.
SECTION 4. The Immediate Past President shall serve a two-year term of office, immediately following their term as President. They would be an officer and voting member on the Board of Directors. The Immediate Past President shall serve as Chairman of the Nominating Committee and as Parliamentarian.

Directors and Their Duties

The Board of Directors of the Association shall consist of a total of fourteen members, five officers and nine Regional Directors.
SECTION 2. The Regional Directors will consist of three members each from each of the Northern, Central, and Southern Regions, as elected by a majority of individual constituency present at the annual meeting.
SECTION 3. Regional directors will serve for a period of three years and will be elected by Australian ballot at the annual meeting. Regional directors may not be elected to more than two (2) consecutive terms.
SECTION 4. The Board will have the authority to appoint officers and/or directors in the event a vacancy occurs to serve the remainder of the term vacated.
SECTION 5. The Board shall establish the time, date, and location of the annual meeting.
SECTION 6. The President may call a special meeting of the Board as required or upon the request of three of the Directors.
SECTION 7. Any member of the Board of Directors who misses more than two (2) consecutive meetings per calendar year shall be removed from office at the discretion of the Board.


Executive Director Duties and Responsibilities

The Board and officers of the I.A.P.T. will contract for an Executive Director and determine the term/conditions according to contract specifications.

Amending the Constitution

The Constitution and By-laws of the Association may be amended by a two-thirds vote of registered members present at an annual meeting.




SECTION 1. A majority of the registered members present at the annual meeting shall constitute a quorum.
SECTION 2. A quorum must be present at any meeting in which business is transacted or a vote taken committing the Association to any proposal or action.

Rights and Duties of Members

Membership applications must be approved by the Board of Directors.
SECTION 2. To be in good standing, members must be current with their dues.

Loss of Membership
Members with dues more than three months past due shall become inactive. The Board of Directors may choose to reinstate any inactive member once those members’ dues are current.

Election of Officers and Nomination of Board members

SECTION 1. Nomination of the officers and directors are to be made by a nominating committee appointed by the President and chaired by the Immediate Past President according to the Constitution.
SECTION 2. Nominations may be made from the floor by any registered member in good standing.
SECTION 3. Any candidate who receives a majority vote of the registered members in good standing, who are present, shall be declared elected.

Impeachment of Officers

An officer may be impeached for malfeasance in office by a two-thirds vote of the Regional Directors and may be removed from office by a two-thirds vote of members in good standing at any meeting of the full membership present after he has been accorded a hearing upon impeachment charges.

Dues and Assessments

The annual dues shall be paid on or about October 1st each year and may be changed by the Board of Directors after notifying the membership at the annual meeting for the following term.
SECTION 2. Current dues are $65.00 for a full membership and $50.00 for an associate membership.

Order and Business

The order of business at regular meetings shall be:
  • Call to order
  • Roll call
  • Reading the minutes of the previous meeting
  • Treasurer's report
  • Old business
  • New business
  • Announcements
  • Adjournment
This order of business may be suspended or changed at any meeting by a majority vote, a quorum being present.


Parliamentary Authority

Robert's Rules of Order shall be the Association's final authority on all questions of procedure and parliamentary law not covered by the Constitution and By-Laws

SECTION 2. The Parliamentarian of the Association shall tender all decisions concerning parliamentary questions. The decision shall be binding and final.



Motions voted upon by the Board of Directors must pass by majority.

SECTION 2. Technological voting is permissible.

SECTION 3. Procedure for email voting; 1) A director emails a motion to the President. 2) President emails (to Officers, Directors, and Executive Director) a broadcast call for a second to the motion. 3) Once seconded, President follows the procedure outlined in step 2 for discussion on the motion. Discussion responses must Reply-to-All. 4) The President follows the same procedure with a call for the vote and a deadline to vote. 5) If no vote is received by a board member the President will consider the member not present. 6) The President will email vote results to the Board and Executive Director. Results will be recorded in the next meeting minutes following the vote.


Associate Members

SECTION 1. Associate membership for individuals or organizations whose apparent interests and objectives coincide with the Association may be authorized, upon application to the Executive Director and approval by the Board of Directors.

SECTION 2. Associate membership is an inactive membership, which precludes participation in voting, nominations, offices and the conduct of annual meetings.



Amending the Bylaws

By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote at the annual meeting, a quorum being present.


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